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April 13, 2022

Pink/Purple/Black/White Travel Electric Toothbrush With UV Disinfection Case

Teeth play a vital role in our life, mainly including three aspects, namely chewing function, auxiliary pronunciation function and aesthetic function. Teeth can grind to change the substance from its original state to chyme, allowing food to be better digested and absorbed. If teeth are missing, slurred speech may occur. For example, some elderly people and some children with lost deciduous teeth often have unclear hair products. Finally, as the second business card of social activities, teeth play an important role in language, appearance and psychological functions.

All we need to love and protect our teeth, the easiest thing we can do is to keep brushing them. However, in fact, in terms of brushing, there are many choices, such as the way of brushing, the choice of toothbrush, and so on. In this regard, I prefer electric toothbrushes.

Why choose an electric toothbrush

Many people use manual toothbrushes. Even if they brush their teeth every morning and evening, they still have oral problems such as bad breath, yellow teeth, and gum inflammation.

Why is there such a situation? This is mainly because our daily oral cleaning is not thorough. Due to its own limitations, manual toothbrushes cannot remove food residues in the gum line, interdental spaces and tooth sockets. After a long time, it will ferment and breed bacteria. This leads to a series of oral problems.

The electric toothbrush generates high-frequency vibration through the motor of the body, which can form a strong clean water flow in the oral cavity, rinse the small gaps, and achieve a more effective cleaning effect. Among them, the sonic electric toothbrush not only cleans the teeth by bristles and tiny vibrations, but more importantly, it can rely on high-frequency sound waves to generate a large number of tiny air bubbles at the tip of the toothbrush bristles. The energy generated by the rapid collapse of these tiny vacuum bubbles scours the teeth and the interdental space, and achieves a thorough cleaning of the toothbrush gap and a higher effect of removing plaque and calculus.

In terms of cleanliness, the cleaning effect brought by electric toothbrushes is much greater than that of manual toothbrushes. The first is the better cleaning effect based on the special working principle of the electric toothbrush. The second is that some electric toothbrushes also have a whitening function, the most common is the blue light whitening function. Through the high-intensity blue light through the small fruit of the teeth, it can remove the pigment on the surface of the teeth or in the deep layer, and achieve a better whitening effect, which can make the teeth look whiter, and can also be used to increase the aesthetics of the oral cavity.

Compared with manual toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes can effectively reduce the damage to teeth and gums.
The cleaning effect of a manual toothbrush mainly comes from the force of brushing, and the frictional force generated when the toothbrush bristles contacts the toothbrush takes away the remaining residues on the tooth surface. Therefore, many people will inevitably increase the pressure when brushing their teeth at ordinary times, or use an incorrect saw-tooth brushing method, which will slowly cause damage to the tooth surface or gums. Experiments have shown that electric toothbrushes can effectively reduce the abnormal brushing force by 60%. Some high-end toothbrushes on the market also come with a pressure-sensing device to avoid excessive force causing tooth wear and damage to the gums, making the entire brushing process safer.

On the other hand, electric toothbrushes are more convenient to use than traditional toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes don’t require the better brushing skills of manual toothbrushes to achieve good cleaning results. Many young people are used to going to bed late and getting up early, leaving them less time to brush their teeth. They cannot guarantee the standardization of brushing time and actions, and the effect of brushing will naturally be greatly reduced. The electric toothbrush can solve this problem very well. Basically, you only need to turn on the toothbrush and move the toothbrush on each tooth to achieve the effect of cleaning teeth. Some high-end electric toothbrushes on the market have a timing function. Usually, the brushing time is 2 minutes. With a reminder to change the area every 30 seconds, the brushing time and brushing effect can be better guaranteed. In addition, electric toothbrushes are more fun to use than traditional toothbrushes, and it is easier to cultivate our good brushing habits.

Below I will introduce some of the best electric toothbrushes of AIWO brand, the price is between 15-20 dollars, which is very cost-effective. The functions are also relatively complete, whether it is intelligent timing, blue light whitening or UV disinfection. The cleaning effect is also very good. In terms of appearance, there are many exclusive designed appearances to meet the needs of different markets, with colors ranging from black, white, blue, pink, mixed color, etc. Some toothbrushes come with a travel case, which is very suitable for travel.

1.AIWO Adult Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Smart Electric Toothbrush Set

AIWO adult electric toothbrush is equipped with a powerful sonic motor, with a vibration frequency of up to 38,000 times/min. 5 cleaning modes, Care, Cleaning, Frequency, Massage, Whitening, can be selected according to actual needs. Power-off memory technology, each startup will automatically select the mode selected the last time it was turned off. IPX 8 waterproof technology, eliminating the worry of water entering the toothbrush. Wireless inductive charging, a single charge can meet the needs of up to 90 days of use.

Product parameter table

Product Name adult electric toothbrush
Waterproof Level IPX 8
Charging Type  Wireless Charging
vibration frequency up to 38000 times/min
Toothbrush Head 2
Endurance 90 Days
Cleaning Mode Care ,Cleaning ,Frequency,Massage,Whitening

2.AIWO Red Blue Led Light Whitening Adult Electric Toothbrush Smart Sanitize

The parameters of this blue light electric toothbrush are very close to the parameters of the 4th black and white ceramic electric toothbrush. The biggest highlight of this product is the red-blue micro-wave technology, in which the blue light wavelength is 413 nanometers. Through the high-intensity blue light through the small fruit of the teeth, it can remove the pigment on the surface of the teeth or in the deep layer, and achieve a better whitening effect. which can make the teeth look whiter, and can also be used to increase the aesthetics of the oral cavity.

Product Name LED light whitening adult electric toothbrush
Waterproof Level IPX 7
Charging Type  USB
vibration frequency up to 38000 times/min
Toothbrush Head 2
Endurance 90 Days
Cleaning Mode 5
feature blue light whitening


3.AIWO Adult Soft Bristle Sonic Electric Toothbrush with UV Sterilization Travel Case

This electric toothbrush is available in black, white, pink, and blackish green, with 2 replaceable brush heads. The bristles are DuPont soft bristles, IXP7 waterproof effect, and the whole body is washable. 4-speed cleaning mode, up to 48,000 times/min high-frequency sonic vibration motor, deeply cleans tooth stains and plaque on the tooth surface. 500mAh battery with 45 days of battery life. 2 minutes intelligent timing, more scientific brushing time. With UV ultraviolet 360° disinfection and sterilization travel box, the sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%.

Product Name Adult Sonic Electric Toothbrush With Travel Case
Waterproof Level IPX 7
Charging Type USB inductive charging
vibration frequency up to 48000 times/min
Toothbrush Head 2
Endurance  45Days
Cleaning Mode 4
Feature UV Sterilization Travel Case
Color black/white/ pink/blackish green
Battery Capacity 500mAh
Rated Power 2W

4.AIWO Opera Panda Series Electric Toothbrush

The appearance of the Peking Opera Panda series electric toothbrush adopts an exclusive design, which incorporates the characteristic Peking Opera elements, making the appearance more unique and outstanding. The 5 colors correspond to Sheng, Dan, Jing, Mo, Chou.

The surface treatment adopts self-developed 3D+ inkjet printing technology, and cooperates with the exclusive AT sterilization and disinfectant to effectively kill Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and pneumonia. Botrytis, H1N1 virus 4 kinds of virus up to 99%. 5 adjustable gears, IPX8 waterproof, inductive charging. High-performance magnetic levitation motor, up to 38,000 times/min.

Product Name Peking Opera Panda Series Electric Toothbrush
Waterproof Level IPX 8
Charging Type USB inductive charging
vibration frequency up to 38000 times/min
Toothbrush Head 2
Endurance  90Days
Cleaning Mode 5
Feature Unique appearance and AT sterilization technology
Color black/red/blue/purple/gold
Battery Capacity 500mAh
Rated Power 2W
Charging Time

Why choose AIWO?

AIWA TECHNOLOGIES is specialized in research, manufacturing and selling toothbrush, for more than ten years with a registered capital of more than 45 million and a total investment of about 160 million.

AIWA own brand has invested in the construction of a smart park of about 50,000 square meters to create a series of product ecological chains that start from health. ) plus technology (sound wave smart electric toothbrush) plus fashion (cultural and creative arts) combined with technology products, obtained the certificate of CCTV reports and the national authority “Quality Pioneer”, and is also the only electric toothbrush manufacturer in China that has won this honor.

It is mainly engaged in independent brand operations, OEM&ODM SERIVICE . Based on our strong factory strength and top-notch exclusive technology, we have been cooperating with HP, Dell, Lenovo, Foxconn, Asus, Xiaomi, Huawei and etc. international brands for many years.

Our core technologies are 3D+ Inkjet printing, AG Tech., AT Sterilization Tech. which are a national high-tech with independent research and development of environmental protection surface treatment.


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